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For press inquiries (including review copies) of my young adult novel, The Latte Rebellion (January 2011), please contact the publicity department, Flux Books, at publicity (at) northstareditions (dot) com.

Please note: I cannot provide writing critiques or magical how-to-get-published advice. This business is still a mystery to me in many ways, and other than hard work, persistence, humility, luck, and yes, a bit of talent, there’s no magic formula that I’m aware of. However, YA author Barry Lyga has a wealth of great writing advice on his website, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Author visits: Teachers and librarians: I enjoy doing author visits! If I am unable to do an in-person visit, I am also equipped to do Skype visits. Besides readings/Q&As, I can also do workshops or presentations on various writing topics. Please contact me for further information.

sjs (at) sarahjamilastevenson (dot) com