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Are you doing a report or project and need more information about me or my writing? Check the Frequently Asked Questions and the interviews linked to on the News page.

Do you need to locate a copy of my book? There are links to Amazon and IndieBound on the Novels page, and the ISBN is 978-0738722788 in case you need to order it or look for it at the library.

You can get a quick preview of the book at the Latte Rebellion website, as well as more information about it.


Are you looking for a study guide for The Latte Rebellion? Please click here to download a PDF.

Please click here for a brief review of The Latte Rebellion as well as a more in-depth review, both from School Library Journal.

Click here for my post on Scholastic's Book Box Daily website, Behind the Espresso Machine: A Closer Look at The Latte Rebellion.

Yes, I'm happy to do in-person or Skype school visits. Please contact me for more details.