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Dispatches from Wonderland

From Wonderland to…Liminus

I’d been meaning to read D: A Tale of Two Worlds by Michel Faber since hearing about it on NPR (interview with the author here). I thought the premise sounded really intriguing–one day the letter “D” just…disappears from everywhere, and pretty soon some of the actual objects that start with… Read More »From Wonderland to…Liminus

KidLitCon 2020 in Ann Arbor

Happy New Year, fellow writers and readers! It’s been a while since we (“we” meaning both of us, not the royal we) have poked our heads up from exhaustion, like crocuses venturing forth from the winter of our…winter…  But here we are! We in the form of me! While I’m… Read More »KidLitCon 2020 in Ann Arbor