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I’ve written on a very eclectic selection of topics, from DEI and higher education to senior living to humor. I currently write occasional features for the Mills College alumnae magazine, the Mills Quarterly, and in the past I wrote regularly for the A Place For Mom senior living blog,, All Star Directories, and IGN For Men.

Selected publications:

“‘We’re a Distressed Industry’: Sorting Headlines on Higher Education with Alums in the Know.” Mills Quarterly, Spring 2024.

“Is DEI Work Here to Stay?” Mills Quarterly, Spring 2023.

“A Buzz About Beekeeping.” Mills Quarterly, Fall 2021.

“Full Circle: A new book closes a chapter on the Mills Longitudinal Study.” Mills Quarterly, Winter 2020.

“Building Community, Building Leaders: 30 Years of SAW.” Mills Quarterly, Fall 2019.

“Reaching Higher Ground.” Mills Quarterly, Winter 2017.

“12 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System.” A Place For Mom, 2015.

“How to Approach Mental Illness in Seniors.” A Place For Mom, 2013.

“Around the World in 80 Years.” Mills Quarterly, Winter 2011.

“Celts – The Wales Tale.” BBC Wales Website, November 2001.