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New Paint Job

You might notice it’s spruced up around here. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while (and I’m appalled at how much needs updating–it’s a long-term project for the next few weeks) and finally 2018 was the time. I’m saying goodbye to my old Aquafortis blog and hello to centralizing all of my blog posts here, including posts on books and writing imported from Finding Wonderland. (But you should still visit Wonderland for the full experience of Tanita and me ranting about books and stuff.)

You can also still visit The Deckled Edge, which is not currently very active but still houses a lot of info. I’m probably going to cede the site to my husband for his own artwork, because he desperately needs a website. (Another project for another time.)

I hope to blog more regularly again in the new year, with some major time-sucking projects now off my plate, so please subscribe (I think you can do that over in the Meta section of the sidebar) or otherwise take note!

1 thought on “New Paint Job”

  1. This is REALLY pretty… the background material is fabulous. I guess now MY personal blog needs an update, but I have umptymillion things to do before I get to that point.

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