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March Flicktion Tuesday Challenge

I missed February’s challenge, but things are a little less busy this month, so I managed to write something in response to the prompt Tanita posted over at Finding Wonderland–everyone’s welcome to participate and post a link to the results! Mine somehow ended up being a bit dark…


“What are you doing?” I lunged after Laurie as she stepped off the curb, the side of her high-heeled boot slipping down the edge and making her stumble. She laughed even harder and then bullfrog-jumped into the middle of the Brockton-Mendoza highway, waving her arms.

“What, Josh, are you scared?” she yelled.

I blinked. It was a two-lane road, but still, she had to be crazy. A car whipped past in the far lane, honking and Laurie screamed, still laughing, as her hat flew off into the hay field on the opposite side of the road.

“Jesus, God, what the hell–?” I couldn’t stop swearing. I could see the faint beams of headlights growing brighter in the twilight, a car turning the corner from the other direction. Laurie was barely visible in her dark coat; I could just see her short honey-colored hair as an amber blur. My stomach dropped down to somewhere near my balls. I had no idea how fast the car might be making that turn. Before I even made a conscious decision, my feet were hitting the pavement, my stupid tread-less dress shoes almost sliding out from under me as I scrabbled toward Laurie and managed to grab hold of her arm, pulling her after me to the opposite shoulder.

I rested my hands on my knees, trying to reckon with what had just happened.

Laurie let out a theatrical sigh. She’d had so much vodka her breath smelled like rubbing alcohol. “Why can’t you let me have any fun? God.”

For a moment, I thought she was laughing again, but when I looked up, tears were running down her cheeks.

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