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Writing Book Review: Dear Writer, You Need to Quit

I’m actually just trying something here…Goodreads has this embed code I can post, and I wrote up a brief, itty-bitty review of a writing book…Don’t get excited. It really is short. But it’s the first review I’ve written in a while and so I wanted to maximize its online life! So, let’s see how this looks:

Dear Writer, You Need to QuitDear Writer, You Need to Quit by Becca Syme
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect–mainly because I have some skepticism about coaches–but I found this one really relatable and look forward to reading her other books in the Quitbooks set. Great insights into how to really look at the way we think as individual writers, and make realistic changes to the habits we normally don’t question (but which might be throwing up unconscious roadblocks). H/T to Sara Lewis Holmes for the recommendation.

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