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Introducing Big Yikes

I’ve officially joined a new project!! Thanks to my YA author friend Josh Berk, who wrote the hilarious book The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin and co-authored Camp Murderface with Saundra Mitchell, I will be co-writing, but mostly just drawing, a new set of comic strips for the amusement of all (or some) (or we’d settle for just a few). About the project:

Big Yikes Logo

BIG YIKES is the collaborative webcomic of young adult authors Sarah Jamila Stevenson and Josh Berk. The mostly autobiographical strips are about the writing life but also about life life, including the authors’ anxieties, stresses, and mostly failing attempts to be better people. Follow us on instagram at bigyikescomic

We’re still getting the first few comics set up, but it’s coming soon, and you can find a new post every week-ish at our Instagram account as well as here on my blog, and probably on Josh’s blog too.

Interested in my previous writing-related cartoons while you wait? Here they are!

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